Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm a self-professed word nerd.

I admit it, I love words. And even after countless linguistics courses and years of teaching languages, words never cease to amaze me.

Which is why I just had to share that this week I learned the difference between discrete and discreet. Discrete means separate or distinct, and its noun form is discretion. Discreet means unobtrusive or prudent, and its noun form is actually discreetness.

Who knew? Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was new for me. And I was very excited about, if you couldn't already tell!

I also learned that publically is an acceptable way of spelling publicly, and franticly is an acceptable way of spelling frantically.

So this is what I've been spending my time on lately, instead of studying. Hey, at least I'm learning something. Although, I doubt any of these words will be on my comprehensive exams. But if there is some sort of question about publically funded education or discreetness with confidential information, I'm ready. :)